bacon in microwave


It could be a terrible idea if you don't usually cook your bacon in microwave, because you can quickly cook bacon in the microwave, mess-free & it will be delicious every single time! You will want to do it all the time!

can you microwave bacon?

Honestly, I grew up on microwave bacon & I like it more than oven or stove-top-cooked bacon. It is super quick to make, rarely doesn't turn out right, & is SUPER crispy! Yum!


why the paper towels?

To avoid a mess. Laying all the paper towels above & below the bacon will catch all the grease & leave your bacon grease free!

my favorite way to use microwave bacon

how to make a microwave baked potato

This microwave baked potato is for you if you desire the delicious flavor of a baked potato but lack the patience. You'll have a delicious, mouthwatering meal after 13 minutes.

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