an epic hand pie with the best caramelized onion recipe


Growing up, my favorite treat was my mom's caramelized onion recipe. Not kidding, she actually would bribe me with them to clean my room!

If you're a fan of caramelized onions and have a love for savory hand pies, then you're in for a treat with this recipe. These hand pies are filled with a delicious caramelized onion and Swiss cheese filling, all wrapped up in a flaky crescent roll dough.

what is a hand pie?

A hand pie is typically a half-circle-shaped pastry with a filling that can be either sweet or savory is created by dolloping the filling onto the biscuit-style dough, folding it over, and crimping it close. They could be deep-fried, fried, or baked!

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let's talk prunes

Wanna know the secret ingredient that takes these hand pies to the next level? A prune purée, which adds a depth of flavor and richness to the filling!

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