The Best Jalapeno Popper Hash brown Patties Air Fryer


Hey there, breakfast buddy! Let me introduce you to a game-changer: Jalapeno Popper Hashbrown Patties. These bad boys are about to become your new morning obsession.

Inspired by the culinary genius of @shewillevole on Instagram, these patties are like a party in your mouth! Picture golden, crispy hashbrown patties, piled high with a creamy jalapeno popper filling, gooey cheese, crispy bacon bits, and fresh jalapenos. It's breakfast heaven, my friend, and we're diving in fork-first!

what does a jalapeno popper taste like?

If you've never experienced the bliss of biting into a jalapeno popper, allow me to paint a picture for your taste buds. At first bite, you're greeted by the crisp exterior, a golden shell giving way to a dreamy filling that's rich with cream cheese. And then, just as you're starting to savor the luxurious creaminess, a subtle heat begins to build, courtesy of the diced jalapenos nestled within!

crispy frozen hashbrown patties: the perfect base

Let's kick things off with the star of the show: crispy frozen hashbrown patties. No need to spend time shredding potatoes—we're taking the easy route here! Simply grab your favorite frozen hashbrown patties from the store, lighlty spray them with oil, and cook them up until they're golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. These patties are like little bites of breakfast bliss!

flavor explosion: creamy jalapeno popper filling

Now, let's talk fillings! We're taking inspiration from everyone's favorite party snack—the jalapeno popper. Mix together cream cheese, diced pickled jalapenos, bacon, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, paprika, & a hint of garlic & onion powder to create a creamy, spicy filling that's out of this world. Slather it generously onto each cooked hashbrown patty for a flavor explosion that'll have you coming back for seconds (and thirds!).

irresistible toppings: crispy bacon, melted cheese, and fresh jalapenos

Time to pile on the toppings! Sprinkle on a handful of shredded cheese for that melty, gooey goodness we all crave. Then, top it off with crispy bacon bits for a salty, savory crunch that takes these patties to the next level. Oh, and don't forget to add some slices of fresh jalapenos for an extra kick!

And here's a pro tip:

Serve these babies with a side of ranch dressing for dipping, or even drizzle it on. Trust me, it takes them to a whole new level of deliciousness!

what's great about these jalapeno popper hashbrown patties?

They're a breeze to whip up! With just a few simple steps, you'll have a plateful of breakfast bliss in no time. Serve them alongside your favorite breakfast classics like eggs and bacon, or go rogue and enjoy them with a crisp salad for lunch. Whether you're brunching with friends or treating yourself to a solo breakfast feast, these patties are sure to steal the show with their bold flavors and crispy crunch.

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Spend less time preparing, & more time enjoying the food you make!! xoxo - Eliza

Spend less time preparing, & more time enjoying the food you make!! xoxo - Eliza